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More than a hundred years ago, Swami Vivekananda referred to Boston as the brain of America. Although good schools have sprung up in many other parts of the country since those words were spoken, the Boston area still has some of the world's finest schools and colleges.

Since the time that Vivekananda came to America, by far the largest number of those attracted by Vedanta philosophy has been of the students and faculty from campuses across the country. Academics studying South Asian religions--particularly Hinduism--continue to use translations of Vedanta texts published by the Ramakrishna Order. Monastics of the Order regularly address school and college groups on Vedanta ideals and practices.

Swami Tyagananda, Hindu chaplain at both Harvard and MIT, is a monk of the Ramakrishna Order, and leads programs on both the campuses. On invitation, he gives classes at Boston College, Boston University, University of Massachusetts, and other schools and colleges in and around Boston.

Appointments with Swami Tyagananda can be made for spiritual guidance and support. Newsletters giving information about the upcoming programs are emailed every week. Please click on the link below to be put on the mailing list or to make an appointment.

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